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Xiaomi Mi 365 Electric Scooter.


Max speed:25km/h, max 18km/h on Cruise control Max torque:16N.m Motor rated power:250W Max instantaneous power:500W

Why is everyone going crazy over electric scooters in Ireland?

If you’ve walked the streets of Dublin, Cork or Galway lately, you’ve almost certainly seen electric scooters whizzing by. They are well… everywhere.

Many riders are hailing the electric scooters as a convenient solution for last-mile type transit, a way to get from home or work to the train, for example. With top speeds of around 15 mph, electric scooters are a fast and fun way to get around.

Xiaomi M365 scooter is the number 1 e-scooter around the world. they do fold to fit conveniently under your desk or in the corner of your office. The time to get an electric scooter is finally here specially with the cases of covi19 going up all around Dublin, Cork, Galway well in every city in Ireland.

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